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USA Shopping Club thru USA Credit is a extreamly rude company. The supervisors that we spoke to have no customer service skills they argued concerning all aspects and did nothing to try to satisfy their customers.

This company is a horrible company to do business with when ordering products. The Vice President of the company Jacqueline Joseph would not hear nor deal with the customer complaint that was brought to her attention.

I strongly advise that you do not do buieness with this company they will treat you horribly with no respect as a customer. I strongly suggest that you go thru another site or company to purchase products.

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You are right - they are sooooooo rude - I actually had a really nice person I was working with there and then all of a sudden, she was not available anymore, and this really rude lady came on the phone saying I have to speak with her. I did not like her attitude so I told her I did not want to pay over the phone anymore and I would mail my payment in and she was very confrontational, rude and condescending.

I became a customer to build credit and they really are a horrible company to deal with because they have no customer service skills whatsoever. They will yell at you and then say really demeaning things to you - it is horrible.

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